I wrote something that was inspired by a conversation I was having with Hal and my writing might make one of you guys smile or remember something positive or change your mind set so yeaaa that’s why I keep posting my blogs:


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What is Love?

Love is when you care for that person so much their suffering becomes yours. Love is when you feel like you can do anything with that person, you feel like you can fly, like you can take over the world just because their with you. Love is when you feel beautiful around that person no matter how demolished your self esteem is. Love is when you see that person and you feel a million butterflies and you smile like never before. It’s when you can look at them and know you never wanna let go. When they hold you, you feel safe like not a soul can harm you… But when they hurt you it’s like your whole world crashes down and the pain that you feel can’t compare to no other. Even if you are hurt they can put a smile on your face in a matter of seconds. And their kisses fix the harm that they’ve afflicted. When you are with them you forget all the distress the world has caused and you feel like you’re unharmed. With just a look they heal your heart. Looking into their eyes you can finally say you’re okay, because for once you are. You are not concealing the pain behind the smile. You are happy and the smile on your face was a gift they gave you. No one can make you feel the way they do. Because they are everything to you. Your one and only. Your whole world. You feel lost without them there. And you have a fear of losing them every second and every hour of your life. They are the most special person in your life. Love is magic because it’s capable of the impossible. It does things to you that no one else could accomplish. That’s what love is.

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