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Who Is TELA?

We are a dedicated group of educators, mental health professionals, and leaders, who aspire to create empowerment opportunities for youth. Seeing youth thrive is our greatest passion. We enrich lives with positive experiences, while manifesting ways of empowering youth to solve today’s problems.


Our research based and data driven methods of developing leadership opportunities have already supported over 300,000+ youth. Participants in our programs engage in life-changing experiences that stand the test of time. Through communicating and making connections TELA bridges the gap between the knowledge youth have and the potential that awaits them. 

Is TELA For You?

We are a community that hopes to inspire equitable conversations, diverse experiences, enriching opportunities, and experiences that support the ongoing growth of individual and collective gifts and talents. We invite you to join the conversation our community has been having for the past 23 years. 

Start with TELA

Learning is the foundation to life, and as such, we are looking to grow and expand an impactful educational experience that will shift systems for generations to come. We have the philosophy, and we’re looking for others to join our education reform movement. Contact us to see if we can support you in your community.


Thank you for coming by to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we do it! Here you will find a little more about our services in the hopes that we get to work together in the quest to make a difference, one future leader at a time. If you have any questions at all contact us today using the below button and a representative will be happy to assist you. 

Our Curriculums

We believe that every young individual has their own style, their own ideas, their own gifts, and their own creativity. The challenge is that modern education systemically forces us into a bucket. A bucket that may work for some, and will not work for others, which can feel disempowering for our youth that don’t fit the mold. 

This is why TELA is so unique. We have created over 15 year long curriculums that include an innovative, interactive, and individually focused model, covering all common core subjects. We inspire today’s youth by teaching them effective leadership protocols, while simultaneously increasing their autonomy, and leveraging their own ideas, gifts, skills, and creativity. 

We empower our youth to take a critical and analytical approach to major societal issues which include, but are not limited to: poverty, the economy, globalism, and human rights.  

Additionally, each grade level will receive an age appropriate curriculum upholding specific goals that support students in subject specific social-emotional learning competencies.

Our Workshops

TELA shifts the current education model from a disempowered system to one that includes leadership, empowerment training, and values identification, with a focus on increasing self-esteem, confidence, resiliency, and resourcefulness among youth. 

We aim to cultivate environments that support empathy and compassion and increase trust based relationships. 

TELA creates classrooms that are free from harassment, violence, and bullying by focusing on acceptance, inclusion and diversity.

Our workshop topics are designed for students to become agents of their own futures by covering topics such as: Leadership in the 21st Century, Sustainable Global Leadership, Self Esteem, and Literacy Advancement, alongside many others.

Our Professional Development

TELA designs programs that are tailored to help our educators develop sound coping strategies to support their emerging leaders. 

This comprehensive, holistic approach to working with staff enhances their ability to achieve success in their roles.

Some of the topics we teach in our professional development training include, but are not limited to: Running a School in the 21st Century, Running Effective Social and Emotional (SEL) Programs, The Educator and Student Enrichment Protocol and Incentivizing Parent Engagement.

It is crucial to create consistent opportunities for staff, which are able to facilitate conversations surrounding social emotional competencies, educator and student initiatives, combined with an investment in personal and professional growth.

Our Consultancy

At TELA we have a combined 150 years of education leadership experience. Using our collective knowledge we have put together one of the worlds most comprehensive education packages. 

We have collected best practices from leading institutions globally and have aggregated it into a holistic approach to education reform. 

From this knowledge we have extensive tools, protocols, frameworks, support infrastructures, resources, and packages that will help uplift and enhance any school system’s challenges in a customized and tailor made way.

Our programs have effectively shown increases in graduation rates among the students we have worked with, decrease in incidences, increases in state-wide assessments, increases in college acceptance and scholarship dollars, as well as increases in staff, parent and community engagement. 

Let us help you achieve your school’s specific goals, not just for this year, but for all future years to come. 

No matter the challenge we can help. 



We are looking for bright young leaders interested in changing the world. If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you. Contact us to find out about our intern opportunities. 

Awards & Scholarships

We offer awards and scholarships annually to individuals, parents and organizations in honour of their contribution to a selected leadership cause.