Regarding police brutality and racism, the episode “The Lawn Chair” touched upon issues often neglected by society. The episode provides a deeper thought process towards racism/oppression and introduces a new, different factor that is not often considered.

For example, in the circumstance of police officers and their reputations, the episode showed that there are truly two sides to every coin. It is a generalized belief that the whole of the police or authorities is morally incorrect, ignorant, and questionable in their actions (ex. shooting an unarmed person, abusing, authority, wrongful arrest, etc.). These situations occur quite often in different parts of the world, and as the impact / work of social media grows, society becomes enabled to see what is happening. The main, most significant factor of this process is merely a working camera.


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Its Time For Unity

In regards to racism and ethnic oppression, it has been seen in history that the behavior has existed for many years, and is still functioning well today due to the mass ignorance of society. No matter what they’ve achieved, a person’s skin color is used more often than not to label them and identify who they are based on stereotypes. In this particular episode, the discrimination that black people often face was focused on, which helped bring real issues of the world to light.

The portrayal of conflict in this episode helps the viewer gain perspective of a leader. The episode offers different viewpoints that support the mindsets of both sides. A leader tries to understand and empathize with both sides rather than one. A leader also reaches for justice, which was emphasized in this episode.

Ergo, “The Lawn Chair” corresponds to the skills of a leader through consideration of both sides and the emphasis of justice.

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