articipants in T.A.D.A. build self-esteem which, along with the knowledge of how to protect themselves and others, will help them remain drug free.  The program culminates in a self-chosen project, for example, a New York City-wide Teens Against Drug Abuse Leadership Conference and school-wide anti-peer pressure lessons.

Our 25 week training provides teens with important skills such as acquiring values, being nonjudgmental, proper communication, along with the correct facts on addiction, abuse and alternatives. The program reduces the risk that they will make unhealthy choices for themselves based on incorrect or no information at all. This program is designed for youth to have an opportunity to explore their own thoughts, values and feelings among a group of their peers. It was designed to also teach youth simultaneously how to run workshops and trainings. This allows for the youth involved being able to explore their own self-identity while realizing they are not alone in their ideas and fears.

Participants will become comfortable with public speaking, running workshops, and making presentations. They will have increased self-esteem, and this will influence many areas of their life, INCLUDING PREPARATION FOR COLLEGE. Secondly, by educating others, they will have a greater influence to act as role models, hence making healthier choices about their own behavior.


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