The episode of “The Lawn Chair” from the television series Scandal relates to our Love in Action class because everything that we see and hear changes the way teenagers and people in general view the events going on in the world today. The episode mainly focused on the problems between the police and citizens (mainly black people), and the struggles that they have to go through with each other. It also shows the things that leaders do without the press or people knowing. Many police officers will feel nervous or intimidated by a certain situation that they are put in and their initial response is sometimes to resort to violence.

police shooting, violence, leadership
Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal, communicating with the victims father, who refuses to move from sitting over his son, until justice is found.

Even with the sergeant in this episode, who had admitted to framing the boy and saying that he was pulling out a knife. He said that people constantly question his authority and they have no respect for him because he risks his life for them. Then he said how Brandon, the boy who was shot,  was not taught respect and how Brandon and other people in that neighborhood were taught to be afraid of the police. In my opinion, there is a reason why they are that way: either because of what we see and learn on the news or in social media, or its because of the authority the police have and express over people.

Overall, I like this episode of Scandal, because it does not sugar coat or make anything seem less important when it comes to the relationship between an authority figure and a civilian. It allowed viewers to see that things like this happen all over in different states, not just where they live.

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