We are so excited that we have a stage this year at Punk Island on June 18th, 2017 at Governor’s Island! On Saturday, April 15th, we are going to have a benefit show for Punk Island at Hollis Woods Community Church… and its also our Program Director Arlene’s Birthday Bash! Its an amazing bill! Everyone come out! All ages! No drugs or alcohol! Lots of fun!


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Alternative rock coming from the NYC area, FLOAT is here to inspire others the way our heroes inspired us, through an immense passion for music. We are just a couple of young fools who want to make a difference one show at a time.


Taking Back Queens is a community rather then just a booking company. We pride ourselves on the idea of keeping the scene alive through DIY all ages shows., where individuals can express themselves. We love to highlight local bands in the genres of pop punk, punk, hardcore, ska, emo, indie, rock and metal.



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