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Sunday, July 11th’s “Bipolar Nation Radio” features our 19th Children with Mental Illness Defined” episode with our regular in-studio guest Angie, the grandmother of a bipolar granddaughter, Hannah and a new granddaughter, “Baby M,” born this past April.

Now she’s been on both sides of the system as a Foster Parent and as a Grandparent to her new granddaughter recently taken out of her custody, by CPS, because her 8-year-old granddaughter, Hannah, is bipolar. And now an immigration issue may also come into play because the baby girl’s father’s family is from Afghanistan and are seeking out adoption of Baby “M.”

How can this be happening? Easier than you think! We’ll also be talking to 21-year-old Kate Herman, a college student from New York, who sought help from the Mental Health Care system when she was a teenager but instead she and her family found themselves at the mercy of a system gone mad with corruption.

All this, plus Bert and his Politically Insane News… Sunday morning at 11am PST on “Bipolar Nation with Susan & Bert” on Latalkradio.com or you can catch us on iTunes under Bipolar Nation Radio!