jordynName: Jordyn Morschhauser
Home: Bayside
Age: 19
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 115
Stats: 33-29-39

When Jordyn Morschhauser first moved to New York from Kentucky, she came to the area with big hopes and aspirations.

On top of modeling with Shortstack, the ambitious 19-year-old also manages to balance a schedule of working at a local Friendly’s and attending school at Long Island University as a music education major.

“Coming here, I was a little shy and nervous,” Jordyn said. “Modeling with Shortstack has really helped me gain confidence and make a lot of friends.”

Since moving, Jordyn said she has been able to perform with her school choir at Carnegie Hall and model for Shortstack in a fashion show on 5th Avenue.

“Being able to perform at Carnegie Hall was amazing. I had never been there before, so when I had the chance to perform there, I just felt so privileged,” Jordyn said.

When she is not modeling, Jordyn says she enjoys meeting her Shortstack friends at the Queens Center Mall.

“All the girls I have met at Shortstack have been so nice and welcoming,” Jordyn said. “They have really helped me see that all girls are beautiful in their own special way.”

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