kasiaNew York City, NY; July 26, 2014 – Windows of Opportunity (WOO) is a non-profit that has assisted in creating shifts for over 100,000 young people, ages 6 – 24, in domains including leadership, empowerment, self-esteem, school performance and career planning. WOO is extremely excited and proud to announce Kasia Wilk to their team of professionals with the synergistic vision of providing transformational youth development services.

“Adding Ms. Wilk to our team brings this already successful agency to an entirely different level,” notes Executive Director Hal Eisenberg. “I have worked with many amazing souls in the help profession through the years, and I have always been in awe of Kasia’s character, professional demeanor, and ability to reach and inspire individuals.”

Ms. Wilk works as a counselor and psychotherapy practitioner with children, young people and adults. Of Polish descent, she has spent most of her life living and working in Canada, but also has professional experiences working in Kenya. Her diverse professional and cultural experiences include providing counseling and psychotherapy, social and life skills support, capacity development, and undertaking research in psychology and culture.

“Ms. Wilk’s expertise further strengthens WOO’s ability to address what many youth are struggling with here in New York,” states Dr. Denhoffer, Wellness Director at WOO. “She has provided counseling and mentorship to troubled youth, and empowered impoverished communities in Kenya providing counseling, capacity development and advocacy for adults and young people facing issues of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, unemployment, and poverty.” Ms. Wilk is a trained Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapist and has worked with autism in children using the techniques of Lovaas Applied Behavioural Analysis Discrete Trial Teaching. She has also worked in the social services sector in Canada providing critical life skills and psychosocial support to adults with developmental and learning disabilities, FASD, autism, and other complex issues.

“Having worked in the helping professions for over ten years my foundation lies in person centred and existential counselling although I work pluralistically and incorporate cognitive behavioural and solution focused approaches if they are appropriate for the client,” describes Wilk. “My core values include respecting individual diversity, establishing a collaborative therapeutic alliance, and offering a safe space for clients to share and work through their struggles in order to achieve their goals and live a meaningful, fulfilled life. I am able to work with clients in English and Polish languages.”

Ms. Wilk’s areas of interest and expertise are in self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship and interpersonal conflicts, building capacity and life skills, personal development, coping strategies, anger management, addictions, learning and developmental disabilities.