Born and raised on Long Island, Shortstsack’s “Host with most” is being honored as this years UNSUNG HERO award recipient.

Though one of his greatest passions has always been with music, WBAB Radio Station’s amazing voice has always lent himself out generously to sponsor and host many different fundraising events. Shortstack is extremely thankful that he has been with us from the very beginning but there are so many other charities that are just as grateful for his continuous support.

Please join on on June 17th at the Shortstack Charity Fashion Show where we will honor a man who has become a part of our family and whose heart is as large as his voice.

And be ready… Joe will be making a very special announcement of his own that night! Wish we could tell you more but that’s it for now! We just wanted to be the very first to deliver this exciting news to you all!

Thank you Joe and CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR (Very Special) UNSUNG HERO!