By: Tracy Mignone

inneryou3We are a group of people who aim to educate about and prevent eating disorders and erase the stigma that they don’t need to be taken seriously… we aim to go into schools and teach classrooms at a time to have a better understanding. While the main focus of the INNER YOU is on eating disorders each week we deal with a broad spectrum of self esteem issues because a self esteem issue of any kind can lead to long term debilitating effects such as drug abuse, alcoholism, and self injury. We teach how to make healthier choices for yourself…. You do not have to have an eating disorder to be a member of the INNER YOU team.

So, whether you are struggling or not, come join us at The Inner You program every Wednesday evening from 7pm-9pm at the Hollis Woods Community Church 82-06 Bell Blvd Hollis NY. Join us! Visit Our mission:1. Offer a comfortable, casual, fun and non-judgmental atmosphere where the only rules are: Complete confidentiality, absolutely no judgements and simply be yourself… 2. Discuss the issues of control, self worth and the impact of how media distorts our vision of what true beauty is.3. Educate youth on the statistics, warning signs and dangers of eating disorders so that they may then educate their peers and have a better understanding of what eating disorders are and how they come about….We are not the average “support group” … The idea behind the INNER YOU is to not only support but to educate and empower. Join us.

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