To promote mental health, identity-based student groups look inward

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    Citing a shortage of regularly scheduled, university-wide discussions surrounding mental health, identity-based student groups have held ┬ámental health-focused programs for their own members this year. In the past semester, student organizations including the University Senate Student Affairs Committee, General Studies Student Council, and the Mental Health Task Force, have all called for greater […]

Once Upon A Time… I Used to Write Blogs…

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I used to write these weekly blogs back in the MySpace days… I used to want to take whatever I was going through, what youth were dealing with, along with my observations of life and society, and just try to intellectually express it. I wanted to do this while challenging people to think differently or […]

NYCHEA Knows: Windows of Opportunity

By By Joanna Lodin NYCHEA – A publication of New York City Home Educators Alliance December 2010 Thanks to my friend, Laurie Spigel, I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Hal Eisenberg and Roger Dennis who created and now guide the non-profit agency, Windows of Opportunity (WOO) here in NYC. WOO offers a wide […]