olympiaName: Olympia Zipitas
Home: Flushing
Age: 19
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 105
Stats: 31-29-35

Olympia Zipitas has been modeling through Shortstack, an agency for petite models, for about two years. It’s where she has made some great friends and even pitched in when school work arises.

“I have helped a few of my friends who are photo and art majors with their photography projects,” she said.

Olympia got involved with Shortstack when a high school friend told her about an annual fashion show. They needed a ballerina. Olympia, who used to twirl a bit, helped out with the show and decided that next year, she would audition.

“I don’t see modeling being a career for me,” she said, noting that she’s a full-time student studying music education. Olympia loves to sing.

Hanging out with friends, seeing movies and practicing singing are her passions. When she wants to have some real fun, she knows Flushing is a real hub.

“I love that everything is accessible, trains, buses and even just walk,” she said.

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