kaseyName: Kasey Brutkiewicz
Home: Middle Village
Age: 18
Height: 4’10″
Weight: 100lbs.
Stats: 33.5-27.5-36

Modeling is one of the many hobbies Kasey says adds to her self esteem. The third year model at Shortstack Modeling says that being in front of the camera makes her feel good about herself. Though not seeking to model professionally, she likes to have fun with it in her spare time.

“My cousin did it, and I found out everything through her. I model more for fun and raising my self esteem. Everyone [at Shortstack] is so happy and carefree; it’s a sisterhood,” she said.

The recent Christ the King High School graduate does many hours of gymnastics when she isn’t at shoots; she began when she was five and does it competitively to this day. In addition, she enjoys spending time in her neighborhood of Middle Village.

“I grew up here; everyone grew up here. It’s a real family type atmosphere.”

On living in Queens, she says, “There are a lot of things to do; it’s never boring. I love going different places with friends.”

Being a model for this long has given Kasey a good look at the industry. She says to girls looking to break onto the scene, “Pursue your career, and don’t ever give up. Always keep trying. Eventually, if you really want it, you’ll get it.”