Meet Hal Eisenberg – the founder and Executive Director of Windows of Opportunity – The Barbara Harmon Institute.

With a strong knowledge in creating innovative programs for over 15 years, Hal has been credited with implementing and coordinating youth–driven events and most recently developing a Youth Leadership and Personal Development Organization dealing with a wide range of social issues that impact today’s youth.

Windows of Opportunity provides young people ages 6 – 24 with a healthy, safe, supportive and positive environment to develop the interpersonal skills and self confidence required to create a happy and productive life. Windows of Opportunity designs innovative workshops and programs that assist youth from the elementary level to the university level in achieving positive outcomes in self-esteem, school performance, career planning, linking their lives today with future success, and addressing issues significant to young people.

Hal wants nothing less than to completely revolutionize the way youth are educated, supported and encouraged to become leaders in the communities which are important to them. He is a man of integrity, commitment and faith. He has spent the past 10 years dedicating 100% of his time to developing relationships with schools, writing curriculum, leading programs, collaborating with members of his various boards, writing grants and seeking sponsors.

For all that he does, he has done it on a shoestring budget and it is time for Hal to see the fruits of his labor. He is poised for success, has the right team in place and his vision is very clear. He will succeed no matter what obstacles come his way, but I would like to see Hal have all the assistance and partners he can handle.

Since he began his journey, Hal was told that his idea “couldn’t be done” and still has made it happen. He continues to be told this and continues to thrive – forming new partnerships every day. Hal has developed from 1 program to over 10 Arts & Education programs, a fashion show, his band gigs and constant media talks – all with little financial assistance.
Only through collaborations and win-win partnerships has Hal made the difference in the lives of countless people and it is time he gets the assistance he needs to take it out into the world.

With support from politicians, media personalities, educators and local businesses, Hal has applied for over $2million in grants. To date none have been received due to state and federal budget restraints.
Hal’s plan is to focus the WOO brand into something recognizable, and universal. He envisions WOO centers in major metropolitan areas with chapters in every town – in the world.

His initial focus is on creating and supporting media to share with the world. His belief is that the success of WOO will be a result of interest in communities at the local level.

Paying it forward is essential to Hal’s entire model and put simply, it is WHO HE IS.
The programs Windows of Opportunity offers require Youth to use their skills, knowledge and wisdom to give back within the communities that they care about. Hal’s commitment is to have every young person he supports become an empowered leader and a change agent in areas that have historically not shifted.

If Hal can bring his 10 year plan to fruition now, he will spend the rest of his life paying it forward.

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