Posted by Chandraisgreat on May 30th, 2011

Have you ever dreamed of walking in a fashion show but didn’t think you had what it takes to be a model? You are not alone, many young girls have high fashion dreams but lack the height requirements that are expected in the fashion industry for runway modeling. That is one of the reasons why Olivia Mignone created “Shortstack” a program for teens who wish to pursue their modeling dreams despite the odds that may be against them. Shortstack encourages a healthy body image and self esteem in the youth that they work with all while participating in workshops, photoshoots and rehearsals for fashion events to benefit charity. I really appreciate the fact that Shortstack gives all their participants a boost of confidence that will help them go for their goals in the face of adversity. Shortstack has the full support of because I believe it is important break a few rules in the name of fun an fashion! To learn how you can help, support or participate with Shortstack click here.

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