A self professed “huge shopper,” Jalena Folkes leaves just enough time to enjoy her budding modeling career with Shortstack Modeling. Beginning last year as a fit model, Jalena would model the clothes used to fit the mannequins in department stores.

“But my friend saw the program for Shortstack and said I should join. I auditioned and got in; it’s a lot of fun,” Jalena said.

Shortstack has expanded her skills to becoming an actual runway model.
Like many others, Jalena sees modeling as more of a hobby, but hasn’t completely ruled out a future as a professional.

“If I could, I would. But for now, it’s just something on the side.”

On her off days and vacations from school, Jalena travels and loves exploring new places. A favorite shopping and eating destination is Forest Hills with the other Shortstack models.

“I love the different people and feeling of diversity [in Queens]. The vibe is always really safe and there are always things to do.”

In the fall, Jalena will be a freshman at St. John’s University. She’s also offers some wise words for other promising models with her.

“You always need to be yourself and be confident. You shouldn’t have to change yourself for anyone. Just remember to give it your all, and you’ll be happy!”

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