Katerina (Nina) has been a volunteer with WOO since 2005 when we barely had a heartbeat. Nina’s first event in those early years was our annual drive for the homeless that impacted shelters across New York City. Afterward, Nina became a staple we could count on in events like our Teens to Teens HIV Conference, the WOO Films Awards Dinner, and our Annual Charity Car Wash.

Nina’s largest impact on WOO cannot be seen because it is behind the stage at every Shortstack Fashion Show, playing the extremely important role as cue person and keeping our models calm and focused. The show could not happen and run smoothly without her. Nina is currently studying to be a Peer Educator through WOO’s Eating Disorder and Prevention Program, The Inner You.

Her latest video project for The Inner You can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/23489711