half full Surprises Bucket Dump Winner with 2 Week’s Worth of Service

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY – March 25, 2011 – Dinner had to wait a few more minutes as Hal Eisenberg, Executive Director of Windows of Opportunity, received news that he was this year’s half full Bucket Dump recipient.  The half full team, bearing 7 balloons and a flashing camera, along with WOO Board Member Tracy Mangan Mignone, nominator Joshua Lamothe and several Shortstack models and young fans ambushed an unsuspecting Eisenberg outside the doors of the Bayside Hollis Woods Community Church.

As part of half full’s commitment to corporate and social responsibility, for every contract signed, 5 hours of half full consulting and execution time is added to the half full bucket.  At the end of each calendar year, the bucket of hours is “dumped” and given to an individual, cause, organization or business in need of assistance in overcoming obstacles and moving forward strategically.

“We won!” celebrated Eisenberg. “This is our first grant, thank you!”

Eisenberg is no stranger to the pitches, proposals and fund raising strategies needed to keep a 501c3 organization running.  But despite the even harder challenge of budget cuts in recent years, he has been as patient as he has been diligent in the search for funding.  With 80 hours of service, half full’s mission is to help Eisenberg take the organization to the next level through creative strategic planning.

“While it was a very difficult decision to choose the winner, Hal’s submission was exactly what we were looking for in this year’s round of entries,” said Rebecca Twitchell, Founder of half full. “His commitment to helping youth ages 6-24 through leadership and empowerment and the dedication he has demonstrated since the inception of WOO is evidence that he will indeed reach his vision.  We are thrilled to support him in that journey.”

The story of WOO began when Eisenberg lost his good friend and aunt, Barbara Harmon, as a result of the events of September 11.  Her selfless acts of help and heroism for several months after 9/11 ultimately and unfairly shortened her life.  Eisenberg founded WOO, a youth leadership and empowerment organization, in her memory and as a way to pay forward her amazing contributions to others.

WOO currently runs several innovative and thoughtful programs aimed at encouraging youth to embrace their individuality and be empowered.  A few examples include youth drop-ins that provide safe and supportive environments where everyone can openly and freely discuss issues and the “Shortstack Modeling Agency,” a teen driven modeling program allowing girls who do not fit the “normal” model standards to be a part of the world of modeling.

Be sure to watch the story unfold as the new partnership takes flight in the next weeks and months.  It will be one of inspiration and motivation for any individual and/or team embarking upon their own journeys of success.

And those 7 balloons?  Twitchell’s lucky number … and WOO’s 7th year anniversary this year (which she found out later).

About half full

Motivated by several years of business know how and how “not” to, half full is your go-to for the facilitation of any and all plans to get you from point A to point B. You no longer have any excuses standing in the way of achieving your goals. Known for its unique and creative problem solving techniques, half full has got just what you need to overcome any and all obstacles standing in the way of your perceived impossible. www.half-full.com

About Windows of Opportunity, Inc – A Barbara Harmon Institute

Windows of Opportunity (WOO) is a 501©3 non-profit organization founded to create a shift in what is possible for youth in the areas of leadership, empowerment, self esteem, school performance and career planning. A shift from disempowerment,  differences and indecision to possibility, acceptance and opportunity. www.eisenbergacdmy.wpengine.com

Rebecca Twitchell