brianNew York City, NY; July 26, 2014 – Windows of Opportunity (WOO) is a non-profit that has assisted in creating shifts for over 100,000 young people, ages 6 – 24, in domains including leadership, empowerment, self-esteem, school performance and career planning. Local and international youths have been given opportunities due to the continuous efforts of Hal Eisenberg, Executive Director of WOO, volunteers throughout the communities WOO has impacted, and from global financial support.

Now, WOO is proud to announce a new partnership and expansion in their services to Florida…

Dr. Brian Denhoffer, DC has agreed to take charge as WOO’s Wellness Director. He can be described as a mind/body, inspired living educator. His attention as Wellness Director is on bringing meditation, breath work, yoga & the power of being present, into the already successful curriculum/programs of WOO. Simultaneously, he will be expanding WOO with specific, standalone wellness programs.

“Dr. Denhoffer is a brilliant addition to the mission and global direction we are heading with at Windows,” stated Eisenberg. “His experience and life story envelops what our organization stands for.” Dr. Denhoffer’s early childhood was pleasant; nothing out of the ordinary existed that would lead anyone to believe that by age 11, his mostly joy-filled self would disappear. By age 20, he did not want to continue on living with his life of anxiety, desperation, and feelings of depression. These feelings often lingered, with only brief periods of ease. He did not have any answers then, but it was this very state of uneasiness that led him on a journey to uncover, over the next 20+ years, the tools and techniques that would bring him back into a state of harmony within. This would ultimately be his greatest gift for leading and serving others, especially with the issues youth today are facing.

Part of Dr. Denhoffer’s journey included education (B.A. in Physics, 1992 and Doctorate of Chiropractic, 1998) through which he came to better understand how the body and mind work in a deep and profound way. Then from his post-graduate work studying conscious language, body dynamics and addiction, he learned how our words, feelings, body movement and mind chemistry affect emotions and health. The combination, integration and synthesis of all of this work has given him a great understanding on how to assist people to feel content where they are; deeply relaxed and enthusiastic in all that they do. “He addresses the whole body and assists me in strengthening my will by reminding me of my greatest attributes and realigning me with my purpose,” noted Arielle M., a massage therapist from West Palm Beach, Florida.

“I feel that so many people could benefit from his practice. People with anxiety, fear, addictions, low self-esteem,” reflects Deborah Switzer, a mom from Ocala, Florida. “I feel that Dr. Brian could give a pretty good foundation to just about anyone.”

Dr. Denhoffer is excited to be joining the long-standing transformative non-profit organization, Windows of Opportunity (WOO), as Wellness Director.

To learn more about Dr. Brian Denhoffer read his published coauthored book Contagious Optimism, Viva Edition Publishers, June 2013.