The Cause

Windows of Opportunity (WOO) would like to participate in the global effort to bring attention and discussion to the various forms of Teen Dating Abuse by producing a narrative feature film that addresses many of the psychological issues that shadow violence in the relationships of young people.

Working closely with Courage Network, an online community of Domestic Violence survivors and a resource for victims of abuse, WOO Films and its associates will raise money to make, market, and self-distribute “Dangerous Love,” a drama that looks at verbal, sexual, psychological, and physical abuse.


“Dangerous Love” will run through the usual film festival circuit, after which WOO Films will self-distribute, most likely through special complimentary screening will be held in NYC for Domestic Violence organizations and advocates, who will later be invited, among others, to license the film free of charge for their own fundraiser screenings; the proceeds of which would go entirely to the individual organizations.A second complimentary screening will be held for NYC High School counselors, principals, and assistant principals, who will, as well, be invited to license the film free of charge.

We will repeat this pattern – as best as our resources allow – throughout the United States. “Dangerous Love” will continued to be free to license for all High Schools and Domestic Violence groups nationwide.

Download for Free

After the film circulates through the major film festivals, and after we present the film at various complimentary screenings, WOO Films will provide a 90-minute FREE version of “Dangerous Love” downloadable from its website.
An extended, more mature version with special features will later become available for $19.99.