Since 2003, we’ve been focused on offering the foods that keep your family healthy and happy. Our team of expert buyers is constantly on the go, bringing you the selection and value you deserve. When we opened our first store, we wanted to make life easy for you. Why drive, park, and shop multiple times? You should be able to get everything in one place: from your weekly essentials to special ingredients for a dinner party. Our amazing selection of fresh and fine foods is delivered at affordable prices. It’s our mission to provide a tremendous value to shoppers across Long Island, so you—the families in our community—can eat well and live better. Explore for yourself. We pepper our stores with sampling stations so you always have something new to taste and try. Great finds are a specialty of ours, and we want to give you the chance to discover something out of the ordinary, something exceptional. Maybe you need an incredible appetizer to pair with your favorite wine or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect cheese and cracker spread for a night watching the game—it’s all here!