What Is Wrong With Our Medical Profession? By Hal Eisenberg, CEO

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I was asked to write a reaction as a professional social worker who has worked with many youth and adults who are struggling with an Eating Disorder to the following quote in the article linked below. The original article is posted under my reaction. The article is actually a very good article on Binge Eating Disorder […]

Shortstack gives local church makeover

by Holly Wilensky You might remember the Shortstack girls back in November as the helping hands and ambassadors of the BQE Design Expo, the local designer fashion event held in Hollis Hills.This teen modeling program sponsored by Windows of Opportunity (WOO), is the dream come reality that lets any girl who isn’t up to modeling […]

Rock Ur Heart Out Interviewed by The Simmer

The Simmer’s Michael Thurston interviews Regina Rossi and Josh Lamothe of Rock Ur Heart Out. This event planning firm is committed to building a community of young, emerging artists who perform to generate awareness for charitable causes in the New York area.