The Annual Shortstack Charity Fashion Show, held in June of each year, features many levels of sponsorship with special donor recognition at each level. Donors make a sponsorship gift through cash or in-kind donations. All sponsorship levels provide excellent exposure of products and/or services to an affluent, family-oriented audience. It offers an opportunity to support Windows of Opportunity’s ability to care and provide innovative and impacting leadership programs to youth in New York.

Remember, your donations are 100% tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.
Our success depends on the generosity of our sponsors… WE WELCOME YOUR CONTRIBUTION! 
“No man is so tall as when he stoops to help a child…” – Abraham Lincoln

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$2,500 or more

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 $1,500 or more

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$1,000 or more

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 $500 or more

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$250 or more


Want to just make a Donation to a worthy cause of any Dollar Amount??? Every Dollar Count$$$$$$ Please click Here


What you do when you help Shortstack?… Shortstack is not just about modeling and young girls accomplishing a dream of walking an actual runway in front of 300 guests and a jam packed photo pit. Shortstack is an 8-month long self-esteem and modeling program for girls who do not meet the “normal” standards of the fashion industry. Through innovative and interactive workshops, we teach them how to love themselves for who they are. For years, girls have been rejected from the industry because they do not fit a certain criteria. Shortstack was created to change those standards, so in order to join Shortstack, all girls must be 4’8” to 5’6” tall, 14 to 22 years of age, and weight nor experience, are a factor. Girls accepted into the program will be taught lessons on self-esteem, confidence, healthy habits and body image, along with tips and advice on how to pose for cameras, walk a runway, participate in professional photo shoots, take part in interviews, and much more. Aimed at building self esteem, we like to think of their first walk down the 56’ foot runway as a graduation. Photo shoots with various photographers, community service, fundraising events, and of course fashion shows are all a part of the Shortstack program to give its models what they need to forge ahead into the world with added confidence. Shortstack’s Annual Charity Fashion Show benefits Windows of Opportunity, Inc. Our success depends on the generosity of our sponsors… WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT