The Queens Times
June 29, 2000

Civic Leader, Tony Avella and Samuel Field YM-YWHA teamed up to perform two worthwhile community service projects, anti-graffiti and auto theft prevention.

For the past 10 weekends, Avella and student volunteers from the Samuel Field YM-YWHA, led by Hal S. Eisenberg, Community Service Coordinator, have been conducting anti-car theft Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etchings. The effort was conducted throughout Whitestone. Several hundred residents took advantage of the Police Department’s anti-car theft programs.

The anti-car theft component was also sponsored by the 109th Precinct. Avella performed the actual VIN etchings with assistance form the students. In addition, motorists also signed up for the Combat Auto Theft (CAT) and Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) sticker programs.

The students who volunteered were part of the Samuel Field YM-YWHA’s Project CASE (Career Awareness Supporting Education) and Community Works Project. Students from grades 6 -12 learn about work on a volunteer basis. The program gives teenagers an opportunity to build career development, academic achievement, and community awareness.

“Thanks to the Samuel Field YM-YWHA and the students, we are bringing the Police Department’s anti auto theft programs directly to residents,” Avella stated. Hal Eisenberg said, “I know that the students have benefited from this experience and have provided an important community service at the same time.”