If you love music as much as we do, it’s time to play your part and give back.  Read more on this great organization that does just that and if interested please be sure to reach out to them.

1228 Lounge Recordings is a nonprofit organization under the leadership of Windows Of Opportunity (WOOINC) chronicling a journey into the world of audio engineering, music production, and sound design. As a group of young digital creative professionals who has skirted the world of audio, our vision is to establish a technical and creative learning experience to simulate the real-work environment for the youth, while creating tangible multimedia projects to enhance and represent the youthful vivacity within 1228LR.

Aligned with two programs under Windows Of OpportunityWOO Films and Rock Your Heart Out, interlacing ideas and curricula to form Audio Palette Education.

Operation A.P.E are workshops designed to capture the attention of young adults who desire to enter the audio industry as audio engineers and music producers. Students sign up to learn “How to create their own music, produce their own musical CD product, learn sound designing techniques, editing and mixing audio tracks and working in a recording studio environment”. The workshops will be geared as an after school curriculum for ages 13-17.

The workshops are set to launch next fall at the Hollis Woods Community Church located  in Queens Village, NY.

For more informationq visit our website at www.1228LoungeRecordings.com

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