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Beautiful Souls

“Every soul is as beautiful as we feel, for each passing moment is a chance for us to heal…”
– Beautiful Souls

Have you ever considered that your life has a deeper purpose? Beautiful Souls invites readers into the mind of Scott Matheson, a young man who explores life, self-discovery, and true love through challenging times. While battling addiction, a broken heart, and dealing with a variety of adventures, his life becomes an expedition of epic proportions. As his story continues, Scott discovers that the people in his being a young father, life are not as they seem, for there is a story behind everyone’s story. This reality fiction novel is packed with questions that look at self-reflection and the meaning behind our existence in the universe. Despite seeming like an unlikely hero, the finale takes an unexpected turn that renews Scott’s faith in destiny, life, and most importantly, himself. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all need? To be seen as we are? Let each page of this story inspire you to see just what you are capable of, regardless of the circumstances, for everyone has strength within them. Everyone has an internal compass to guide them and everyone should know how to respond to the question: 

Who is your beautiful soul? 

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In Hal's journey he has supported over 300,000 youths to find their voice in some of their most adverse times. His programs has reached many schools around the world and his vision is to impact 1 Billion. With this mission in mind he has founded two organizations.

One is a non-profit organization called Windows Of Opportunity (WOO) to help bring counseling services to margenalized youths from K-12.

His second initiative is found in The Eisenberg Leadership Academy, a new brand of education that builds 21st Century leaders using an emotional learning and holistic approach to education.

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